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1 Barclays premier league all match results and upcoming fixtures 2011-2012

Premiership league fixtures
Premier league have reached sixth round and saw Manchester clubs at the top both with 16 points, Manchester United leads with good goals difference, thanks to their 8-2 victory over Arsenal and 5-0 win over Bolton.
Manchester City loss their winning moments when they drew 2-2 win Fulham but Manchester United last weekend also face the challenge and force to left the game with 1-1 draw with Stoke City and it could have been worst for united.
These premier league fixtures can be changed but the final premiership day will be on 13th May 2011. The list of all premier league fixtures and results shown below.

Barclays Premier league results
Saturday 13 August 2011
Blackburn vs Wolverhampton 1-2
Fulham vs Aston Villa 0-0
Liverpool vs Sunderland 1-1
Man City vs Swansea 4-0
Newcastle vs Arsenal 0-0
QPR vs Bolton 0-4
Stoke vs Chelsea 0-0
Tottenham vs Everton P-P
West Brom vs Man Utd 1-2
Wigan vs Norwich 1-1
Saturday 20 August 2011
Arsenal vs Liverpool 0-2
Aston Villa vs Blackburn 3-1
Chelsea vsWest Brom 2-1
Everton vs QPR 0-1
Sunderland vs Newcastle 0-1
Swansea vs Wigan 0-0

Bolton vs Man City 2-3
Wolverhampton vs Fulham 2-0
Norwich vs Stoke 1-1

1Man Utd vs Tottenham 3-0
Saturday 27 August 2011
Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton 0-0
Blackburn vs Everton 0-1
Chelsea vs Norwich 3-1
Liverpool vs Bolton 3-1
Swansea vs Sunderland 0-0
Wigan vs QPR 2-0

Newcastle vs Fulham 2-1
Tottenham vs Manchester City 1-5
Manchester United vs Arsenal 8-2
West Bromwich Albion vs Stoke 0-1
Saturday 10 September 2011
Arsenal vs Swansea 1-0
Everton vs Aston Villa 2-2
Man City vs Wigan 3-0
Stoke vs Liverpool 1-0 
Sunderland vs Chelsea 1-2
Wolverhampton vs Tottenham 0-2
Bolton vs Man Utd 0-5

Sunday 11 September 2011
Norwich vs West Brom0-1
Fulham vs Blackburn 1-1

Monday 12 September 2011
QPR vs Newcastle 0-0
Saturday 17 September 2011
Aston Villa vs Newcastle 1-1
Blackburn vs Arsenal 4-3
Bolton vs Norwich 1-2
Everton vs Wigan 3-1
Swansea vs West Brom 3-0

Wolverhampton vs QPR 0-3

Sunday 18 September 2011
Man Utd vs Chelsea 3-1
Tottenham vs Liverpool 4-0
Fulham vs Man City 2-2

Sunderland vs Stoke 4-0
Previous round results
Saturday 24 September 2011
Arsenal vs Bolton 3-0
Chelsea vs Swansea 4-1
Liverpool vs Wolverhampton 2-1
Man City vs Everton 2-0
Newcastle vs Blackburn 3-1
Stoke vs Man Utd  1-1
West Brom vs Fulham 0-0
Wigan vs Tottenham 1-2

Sunday 25 September 2011
QPR vs Aston Villa 1-1
Monday 26 September 2011
Norwich vs Sunderland  2-1

Upcoming Barclays Premier league fixtures
 Saturday 1 October 2011
11:45 GMT Everton vs Liverpool
14:00 GMT Aston Villa vs Wigan
14:00 GMT Blackburn vs Man City
14:00 GMT Man Utd vs Norwich
14:00 GMT Sunderland vs West Brom
14:00 GMT Wolverhampton vs Newcastle

Sunday 2 October 2011
12:30 GMT Bolton vs Chelsea 
14:00 GMT Fulham vs QPR 
14:00 GMT Swansea vs Stoke 
15:00 GMT Tottenham vs Arsenal 

Saturday 15 October 2011
Arsenal vs Sunderland
Chelsea vsEverton
Liverpool vs Man Utd
Man City vs Aston Villa
Newcastle vs Tottenham
Norwich vs Swansea
QPR vs Blackburn
Stoke vs Fulham
West Brom vs Wolverhampton
Wigan vs Bolton

Saturday 22 October 2011
Arsenal vs Stoke
Aston Villa vs West Brom
Blackburn vs Tottenham
Bolton vs Sunderland
Fulham vs Everton
Liverpool vs Norwich
Man Utd vs Man City
Newcastle vs Wigan
QPR vs Chelsea
Wolverhampton vs Swansea

Saturday 29 October 2011
Chelsea vs Arsenal
Everton vs Man Utd
Man City vs Wolverhampton
Norwich vs Blackburn
Stoke vs Newcastle
Sunderland vs Aston Villa
Swansea vs Bolton
Tottenham vs QPR
West Brom vs Liverpool
Wigan vs Fulham

Saturday 5 November 2011
Arsenal vs West Brom
Aston Villa vs Norwich
Blackburn vs Chelsea
Bolton vs Stoke
Fulham vs Tottenham
Liverpool vs Swansea
Man Utd v Sunderland
Newcastle v Everton
QPR vs Man City
Wolverhampton vs Wigan

Saturday 19 November 2011
Chelsea vs Liverpool
Everton vs Wolverhampton
Man City vs Newcastle
Norwich vs Arsenal
Stoke vs QPR
Sunderland vs Fulham
Swansea vsMan Utd
Tottenham vs Aston Villa
West Brom vs Bolton
Wigan vs Blackburn

Saturday 26 November 2011
Arsenal vs Fulham
Bolton vs Everton
Chelsea vs Wolverhampton
Liverpool vs Man City
Man Utd vs Newcastle
Norwich vs QPR
Stoke vs Blackburn
Sunderland vs Wigan
Swansea vs Aston Villa
West Brom vs Tottenham

Saturday 3 December 2011
Aston Villa vs Man Utd
Blackburn vs Swansea
Everton vs Stoke
Fulham vs Liverpool
Man City vs Norwich
Newcastle vs Chelsea
QPR vs West Brom
Tottenham vs Bolton
Wigan vs Arsenal
Wolverhampton vs Sunderland

Saturday 10 December 2011
Arsenal vs Everton
Bolton vs Aston Villa
Chelsea vs Man City
Liverpool vs QPR
Man Utd vs Wolverhampton
Norwich vs Newcastle
Stoke vs Tottenham
Sunderland vs Blackburn
Swansea vs Fulham
West Brom vs Wigan

Saturday 17 December 2011
Aston Villa vs Liverpool
Blackburn vs West Brom
Everton vs Norwich
Fulham vs Bolton
Man City vs Arsenal
Newcastle vs Swansea
QPR vs Man Utd
Tottenham vs Sunderland
Wigan vs Chelsea
Wolverhampton vs Stoke

Tuesday 20 December 2011
QPR vs Sunderland
Tottenham vs Chelsea
Wigan v Liverpool
Wolverhampton vs Norwich

Wednesday 21 December 2011
Aston Villa vs Arsenal
Blackburn vs Bolton
Everton vsSwansea
Fulham vs Man Utd
Man City vs Stoke
Newcastle vs West Brom

Monday 26 December 2011
Arsenal vs Wolverhampton
Bolton vs Newcastle
Chelsea vs Fulham
Liverpool vs Blackburn
Man Utd vs Wigan
Norwich vs Tottenham
Stoke vs Aston Villa
Sunderland vs Everton
Swansea vs QPR
West Brom vs Man City

Saturday 31 December 2011
Arsenal vs QPR
Bolton vs Wolverhampton
Chelsea vs Aston Villa
Liverpool vs Newcastle
Man Utd vs Blackburn
Norwich vs Fulham
Stoke vs Wigan
Sunderland vs Man City
Swansea vs Tottenham
West Brom vs Everton

Monday 2 January 2012
Aston Villa vs Swansea
Blackburn vs Stoke
Everton vs Bolton
Fulham vs Arsenal
Man City v Liverpool
Newcastle v Man Utd
QPR vs Norwich
Tottenham vs West Brom
Wigan vs Sunderland
Wolverhampton vs Chelsea

Saturday 14 January 2012
Aston Villa vs Everton
Blackburn vs Fulham
Chelsea vs Sunderland
Liverpool vs Stoke
Man Utd vs Bolton
Newcastle vs QPR
Swansea vs Arsenal
Tottenham vs Wolverhampton
West Brom vs Norwich
Wigan vs Man City

Saturday 21 January 2012
Arsenal vs Man Utd
Bolton vs Liverpool
Everton vs Blackburn
Fulham vs Newcastle
Man City vs Tottenham
Norwich vs Chelsea
QPR vs Wigan
Stoke vs West Brom
Sunderland vs Swansea
Wolverhampton vs Aston Villa

Tuesday 31 January 2012
Bolton vs Arsenal
Man Utd vs Stoke
Sunderland vs Norwich
Swansea vs Chelsea
Tottenham vs Wigan
Wolverhampton vs Liverpool

Wednesday 1 February 2012
Aston Villa vs QPR
Blackburn vs Newcastle
Everton vs Man City
Fulham vs West Brom

Saturday 4 February 2012
Arsenal vs Blackburn
Chelsea vs Man Utd
Liverpool vs Tottenham
Man City vs Fulham
Newcastle vs Aston Villa
Norwich vs Bolton
QPR vs Wolverhampton
Stoke vs Sunderland
West Brom vs Swansea
Wigan vs Everton

Saturday 11 February 2012
Aston Villa vs Man City
Blackburn vs QPR
Bolton vs Wigan
Everton vs Chelsea
Fulham vs Stoke
Man Utd vs Liverpool
Sunderland vs Arsenal
Swansea vs Norwich
Tottenham vs Newcastle
Wolverhampton vs West Brom

Saturday 25 February 2012
Arsenal vsTottenham
Chelsea vs Bolton
Liverpool vs Everton
Man City vs Blackburn
Newcastle vs Wolverhampton
Norwich vs Man Utd
QPR vs Fulham
Stoke vs Swansea
West Brom vs Sunderland
Wigan vs Aston Villa

Saturday 3 March 2012
Blackburn vs Aston Villa
Fulham vs Wolverhampton
Liverpool vs Arsenal
Man City vs Bolton
Newcastle vs Sunderland
QPR vs Everton
Stoke vs Norwich
Tottenham vs Man Utd
West Brom vs Chelsea
Wigan vs Swansea

Saturday 10 March 2012
Arsenal vs Newcastle
Aston Villa vs Fulham
Bolton vs QPR
Chelsea vs Stoke
Everton vs Tottenham
Man Utd vs West Brom
Norwich vs Wigan
Sunderland vs Liverpool
Swansea vs Man City
Wolverhampton vs Blackburn

Saturday 17 March 2012
Aston Villa vs Bolton
Blackburn vs Sunderland
Everton vs Arsenal
Fulham vs Swansea
Man City vs Chelsea
Newcastle vs Norwich
QPR vs Liverpool
Tottenham vs Stoke
Wigan vs West Brom
Wolverhampton vs Man Utd

Saturday 24 March 2012
Arsenal vs Aston Villa
Bolton vs Blackburn
Chelsea vs Tottenham
Liverpool vs Wigan
Man Utd vs Fulham
Norwich vs Wolverhampton
Stoke vs Man City
Sunderland vs QPR
Swansea vs Everton
West Brom vs Newcastle

Saturday 31 March 2012
Aston Villa vs Chelsea
Blackburn vs Man Utd
Everton vs West Brom
Fulham vs Norwich
Man City vs Sunderland
Newcastle vs Liverpool
QPR vs Arsenal
Tottenham vs Swansea
Wigan vs Stoke
Wolverhampton vs Bolton

Saturday 7 April 2012
Arsenal vs Man City
Bolton vs Fulham
Chelsea vs Wigan
Liverpool vs Aston Villa
Man Utd vs QPR
Norwich vs Everton
Stoke vs Wolverhampton
Sunderland vs Tottenham
Swansea vs Newcastle
West Brom vs Blackburn

Monday 9 April 2012
Aston Villa vs Stoke
Blackburn vs Liverpool
Everton vs Sunderland
Fulham vs Chelsea
Man City vs West Brom
Newcastle vs Bolton
QPR vs Swansea
Tottenham vs Norwich
Wigan vs Man Utd
Wolverhampton vs Arsenal

Saturday 14 April 2012
Arsenal vs Wigan
Bolton vs Tottenham
Chelsea vs Newcastle
Liverpool vs Fulham
Man Utd vs Aston Villa
Norwich vs Man City
Stoke vs Everton
Sunderland vs Wolverhampton
Swansea vs Blackburn
West Brom vs QPR

Saturday 21 April 2012
Arsenal vs Chelsea
Aston Villa vs Sunderland
Blackburn vs Norwich
Bolton vs Swansea
Fulham vs Wigan
Liverpool vs West Brom
Man Utd vs Everton
Newcastle vs Stoke
QPR vs Tottenham
Wolverhampton vs Man City

Saturday 28 April 2012
Chelsea vs QPR
Everton vs Fulham
Man City vs Man Utd
Norwich vs Liverpool
Stoke vs Arsenal
Sunderland vs Bolton
Swansea vs Wolverhampton
Tottenham vs Blackburn
West Brom vs Aston Villa
Wigan vs Newcastle

Saturday 5 May 2012
Arsenal vs Norwich
Aston Villa vs Tottenham
Blackburn vs Wigan
Bolton vs West Brom
Fulham vs Sunderland
Liverpool vs Chelsea
Man Utd vs Swansea
Newcastle vs Man City
QPR vs Stoke
Wolverhampton vs Everton
Sunday 13 May 2012
Chelsea vs Blackburn
Everton vs Newcastle
Man City vs QPR
Norwich vs Aston Villa
Stoke vs Bolton
Sunderland vs Man Utd
Swansea vs Liverpool
Tottenham vs Fulham
West Brom vs Arsenal
Wigan vs Wolverhampton
Source: Premier league fixtures


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