Saturday, 18 July 2009

1 Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined Barcelona

Zlatan Ibrahimovic have join Barcelona as the two teams swap players. To secure Zlatan Ibhahimovic service Barcelona had to release Samuel Etoo , send Hleb to the Italian Club on loan and pay £40 million to the Inter Milan.
Barcelona-players-2009 This is one among shock deals this summer if we compare Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Samwel Etoo performance in 2008/2009. The Cameron Striker Samwel Etoo was just one goal short (34 goals) compared to Atletico Madrid Uruguayan International forward, Diego Forlan who won pichichi last season with 35 goals. Etoo also scored 16 goals in 34 UEFA Champions league appearances, the most crucial one scored against Manchester United in Champions League final. See more ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC PICTURES at Barcelona Zlatan-iBRAHIMOVIC-Inter-Milan-Barcelona-EtooZlatan Ibrahimovic was the top scorer in Serie A, netting 25 goals, just one goal ahead of Marco Di Vaio from Bologna. His performance at UEFA Champions league games has been questioned as he only scored 6 goals in 16 UEFA Champions league appearances. barcelona-fc-2009-2010 Video for all 25 goals Zlatan scored in 2008-2009 Serie A.

The Nerrazurri squad under Jose Mourinho are keen to challenge other top club for UEFA cup looks to have benefited more in this strange deal. In fact I would expect Inter Milan to pay Barcelona FC.
Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic move to Barcelona, Samuel Etoo to Inter Milan fair
zLATAN-iBRAHIMOVIC-BARCELONA-FC Zlatan-iBRAHIMOVIC-BARCELONA-FC Barcelona vs Chelsea semi-final full fist leg sport video


Anonymous,  18/7/09 12:43  

Zlatan was unhappy at Inter and he wanted to move. But I think Inter Milan will benefit more in this deal.

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