Sunday, 16 August 2009

0 Manchester United defeated Birmingham 1-0 Rooney), Half time

Manchester United vs Birmingham City at Old Trafford just finished. Manchester United defeated by 1-0. Only goal of the game scored by Wayne Rooney on 33 min, thank to assist from Berbatov and Nani. This is one of two round one games, other other round one games were played yesterday.
Tottenham Hotspurs vs Liverpool FC game start 16:00.

Liverpool are behind by one goal after 45 minutes game with Tottenham FC, goal scored by Benoit Ekotto on 44 minutes.

Sunday16th Aug 2009 Score Time
(Ronney 33')
BirminghamC 1-0 FT
(Ekotto 44')
Liverpool 1-0 HT


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