Wednesday, 6 June 2012

0 FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking: Spain at the top, Euro 2012 Group B all in top ten

FIFA have released the world national ranking ahead of EURO 2012. There is move movements in top ten compared to last FIFA ranking which witnessed on Argentina and Denmark exchange positions. 
The latest football ranking saw Spain, the World cup and European champions retaining top spot as Germany slipping to third as Uruguay move second, Holland 3rd while Brazil and England moved to 5th and 6th and Argentina moved to places to 7th. Portugal has dropped 5 places, from 5th to 10th and make fans to question if Cristiano Ronaldo was right to predict Spain or Portugal as winner for Euro 2012. 

Poland, the Euro 2012 host moved three place but remain the lowest ranked team in Euro 2012 62nd as co host Ukraine occupy 52nd spot.

Euro 2012 groups and FIFA ranking of Europe teams
Group A
Russia 13th
Greece 15th
Czech Republic 27th
Poland  62nd

Group B
Germany 3rd
Netherlands 4th
Denmark 9th
Portugal 10th

Group C
Spain 1st
Croatia 8th
Italy 12th
Republic of Ireland 18th

Group D
England 6th
France 14th
Sweden 17th
Ukraine 52nd
South America in FIFA ranking
Uruguay second placed, their highest ever rank in FIFA ranking. Other South America nationals in top 10 are Brazil 5th and Argentina 7th.

Top 10 in Fifa world rankings
  1. Spain
  2. Uruguay
  3. Germany
  4. Netherlands
  5. Brazil
  6. England
  7. Argentina
  8. Croatia
  9. Denmark
  10. Portugal 

Top 10 FIFA ranking for Africa CAF teams
  1. Côte d'Ivoire  
  2. Ghana      
  3. Algeria        
  4. Libya     
  5. Mali      
  6. Zambia         
  7. Tunisia   
  8. Egypt     
  9. Gabon     
  10. Sierra Leone


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