Friday, 16 November 2012

0 Goal of the year: Zlatan Ibrahimovic bicycle kick goal in sweden 4-2 victory against England

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored first his first goal against England and went on to score first hat-trick against England national team since Marco van Basten in 1988 and became the first to score 4 goals against England national team.  What a record for the top striker who claimed low recognition in England soil.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic fantastic goal against England: Source
Candidacy for goal of the year award or may be goal of the decade 
It was a very special way to open a new national stadium, Friends Arena in style. Ibrahimovic's fourth goal was breath taking and mark the beauty of soccer game even to opponents players and supporters. This goal has already been compared with other superb goals world wide.
  • He was score with overhead kick 
  • 30 yards away from the goal
  • Hit the ball above Joe Hart, Cahill and Showcross 25ft high
  • Hit the when ball was 8ft high, while he is 6.5ft
  • He was on the right side of the pitch. 
Too bad the goal was scored after FIFA have released contenders for best goal of the year but will be considered for next year. Any player planning beat this goal should think twice.

Football quotes from famous footballer and fans regarding Ibrahimovic performance and 4th goal

  • Ronaldo De Lima tweeted "What a fantastic goal ...!!!" 
  • England news paper, The Daily Mail "Outrageous, acrobatic and touched with genius ....the greatest ever"
  • England newspaper, Daily Telegraph "Goal of the Century"
  • Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter "DID YOU SEE THAT?"
  • The Spanish Daily "Super Ibra, Superlative, unique, spectacular,"
  • Yahoo Sport "Ibrahimovic completed one of the remaining games for the legend."
  •  Graham Taylor , former England Manager "an absolute first class goal and it certainly ranks as one of the best goals I have seen in professional football." 
Ibrahimovic, PSG leading top scorer's goal overshadows
  • His goal his goal 2004 in Ajax vs NAC Breda  Dutch league has been cited at his best. 
  • Steven Gerald 100th cap
  • Six debutants for England national team
  • His second and third goal which were also marvelous


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