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0 UEFA champions league top scorers, Can Lionel Messi continue his three years record dominance in UEFA top scorer post?

Who is going to be the 2011 UEFA champions league top scorer? Can Lionel Messi become the back to back UEFA champions lesgue top scorer.

UEFA champions league season kicked off
UEFA champions league kicked off 2 days ago with all 32 teams well set to achieve various goals. Champions league is the toughest football competition, Yes, more tough than the world cup and one can not predict which team is going to be crowned champions unless at semi-final stage. For any player to be UEFA top scorers, lots of efforts and talents are required, not only for him but also his teammates.

UEFA champions league 2010-2012 top scorer

Lionel Messi Barcelona star player has been UEFA champions league top scorer for three consecutive years. Photo by
Barcelona star, Lionel Messi scored 12 goals in 2010-2011champions league season, 4 goals more than former Inter Milan Samuel Etoo and Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez.

Messi reached former Manchester United Ruud Van Nisterooy's record of 12 goals mark in one season. Messi also reached Gerd Muller's and Jean-Pierre Papin record of being UEFA champions league top scorer for three consecutive years. Messi will be chasing another Gerd Muller record of being UEFA top scorer for four consecutive years. Only nine player managed at least 5 goals. He won the UEFA golden boot and also helped his team win the champions league trophy. Messi once said:
"I like scoring golas and making chances for my teammates. I just do the best for the team. If I see another player is in a better position I will give it to him and if not, I will try to score myself."
But he never plan to be top scorer and just want to enjoy football and said it in his quotes, he was quoted saying:
"I am not thinking about being league top scorer at all..The important thing is that we continue this winning run as we have Real Madrid behind us and we just know they will fight to the end".
UEFA champions league 2009-2010 top scorer
Lionel Messi was also the UEFA champions league top scorer for the 2009-2010, he scored 8 goals. He was closely followed by the world most expensive player Cristiano Ronaldo and Ivica Olic, Bayern Munich striker both with 7 goals. Seven player reached at least the 5 goals mark. This season Barcelona was eliminated at semi-final stage by Jose Mourinho's Inter Milan that were all the way to win the cup.

UEFA champions league 2008-2009  top scorer
Lionel Messi first emerged as the UEFA champions league top scorer in 2008-2009, scoring 9 goals. Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard and former Bayern Munich striker Miroslav Klose were both two goals shot. 10 goals scorers have at least five goals, six have five goals on their names. Barcelona benefited from his goals and clinched the UEFA champions league trophy.

UEFA champions league 2010-2012 top scorer
The 2010-2012 UEFA champions league season have just started and only one player have managed to score two goals and it is not Lionel Messi, not even a player in top European leagues. Seydou Doumbia, CSKA Moscow strikers the player seating at Lionel Messi top position but as more matches are played the top scorers table will start showing big names at the top.

Champions league 16 opening matches in group stage matches had only 32 goals scored. Most ties were expected to have more goals but the underdogs are really prepared to make their names. Manchester united vs Benfica, Manchester city vs Napoli, Real Madrid vs Dinamo Zagreb, and Inter Milan Trabzonspor fixtures were expected to have more goals.


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