Tuesday, 14 July 2009

2 Carlos Tevez move to Manchester City

Carlos Tevez's Manchester City MoveCarlos Tevez move to Manchester City have finally end speculation on which club he will join. The Argentine International has signed a five-year deal with Eastlands’ club. The 25-year old, former Manchester United striker was also targeted by Chelsea FC, after revealing that he wouldn’t join Liverpool as his respect to Manchester United.
Mark Hughes, Manchester City manager also confirmed that the clubs has mad a move to sign Emmanuel Adebayor and admit his admiration to Chelsea captain John Terry.

Carlos Tevez move to Manchester City came after two year stay at Manchester United. Before Joining Manchester United Carlos Tevez and Mascherano was involved in transfer saga when West ham signed the players in 2006 from Boca Junior.


Carlos Tevez on his move to Manchester City
"I was there for two years and Sir Alex Ferguson never called or sent any text messages in that time.

"It doesn't seem that this is the way to treat a player in two years at the club. it doesn't seem there is a line of communication.''

He thank Manchester United "David Gill, Alex Ferguson and the club's fan base I thank you for the time I spent there, but this is a new life for me and I am happy to be at Manchester City.''

Mark Hughes
"I think there's been discussions between ourselves and Arsenal, [to sign Emmanuel Adebayor] but, as is my usual response about players that we haven't signed, really it's not the right time or place to discuss that - only in as much as yes there has been contact.CARLOS TEVES MOVE TO MANCHESTER CITYHe also responded to Manchester City link to John Terry "I have fantastic respect for John Terry, ever since I saw him as a young player when I was at Chelsea as a player myself. "He's a great player and an outstanding captain. But he's very much a Chelsea player at this moment in time.

Hughes on £25m Carlos Tevez transfer fee when asked if Teves is good value for money paid, Hughes said: "Absolutely, for Manchester City, it's absolutely good value.
Manchester United legend Bryan Robson
"I'm a bit surprised, but at certain stages money talks, and for me, Tevez has looked at the money side rather than his playing career side."
What is the next big move after Carlos Tevez move to Manchester City


Anonymous,  14/7/09 19:00  

I wonder why Fergie didn't give him more chance to play, The guy is a real fighter. Carlos Tevez move to Manchester City can be worse for United if their rival win EPL title.

MattyJerry 14/7/09 19:02  

He is targeting both money and trophies, Carlos move to Manchester City will pay him more than move to Liverpool and Manchester City have good plan to go for trophies next season.

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