Wednesday, 20 July 2011

0 Copa America: History overview, Argentina and Uruguay 14 titles apiece, Brazil 8.

To-date Copa America has had 43 editions and 44th edition is still ongoing in Argentina. It started in 1916 and thus the oldest championship in the world. Since its inauguration in 1916, Six nations have won the Copa America cup with Argentina and Uruguay lead with 14 titles each, Brazil (8), Paraguai (2), Peru (2), Bolívia (1) and Colombia (1).

Copa America top scorers
Since 1916, 55 top scorers emerged as in some editions has top scorers tied in number of goals. 1983 had record number of top scorers tied, 4 players; Roberto Dinamite (Brazil), Carlos Aguilera (Uruguay), Jorge Burruchaga (Argentina) and Eduardo Malásquez (Peru) each scored 4 goals.

Record number of goals score is held by three players in 1949 Jair Rosa Pinto (Brazil) scored 9 goals and 1957 two player tied Javier Ambrois (Uruguay)and Humberto Maschio (Argentina) each score 9. Next to the list is Pele who scored 8 goals in 1959 but Brazil did not win the title and Copa America became the only trphy missing in Pele's trophy cabinet.1955 Rodolfo Micheli (Argentina) and 1953 Francisco Molina (Chile) both bagged 8 goals.

In the current Copa America edition, Sergio Aguero (Argentina) and Luis Suárez (Uruguay) lead the top scorer list with 3 goals each. Sergio Aguero was among top 10 scoers in Europen league competitions last season. Argentina failed to progress, Luis Suárez have a bigger chance to be top scorer if he score in the final. If Luis Suárez failed to scorer the top scorer award will again be shared and there is a possibility of another player to join the 3 goals scorer list.
Lionel Messi have had tremedous perfomance at Barcelona but once again fail to show fans expected at national team. Despite creating several chance for his team, only few were converted and the blam fall back to him.


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