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0 Serie A fixtures for 2011 - 2012, Milan Derby, Derby della Madonnina on 18 and 37 rounds

Serie A league will kick off on August 28 2011 and end on May 13 2012. The Milan Derby, Derby della Madonnina have been scheduled on Jan 15 2012 round 18 and May 06 2012 round 37. In a tight league the milan derby could be an important league decider. All three promoted teams, Atlanta, Siena and Novara will start they campaign at home playing against Cesena, Florentina and Palermo respectively. The fixture are subject to some changes. See other European league fixtures at Premier league and La liga fixtures.

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Round 1: Sun 28/08/11
Atalanta vs Cesena
Bologna vs Roma
Cagliari vs Milan
Internazionale vs Lecce
Lazio vs Chievo
Napoli vs Genoa
Novara vs Palermo
Parma vs Catania
Siena vs Fiorentina
Udinese vs Juventus
Round 2: Sun 11/09/11
Catania vs Siena
Cesena vs Napoli
Chievo vs Novara
Fiorentina vs Bologna
Genoa vs Atalanta
Juventus vs Parma
Lecce vs Udinese
Milan vs Lazio
Palermo vs Internazionale
Roma vs Cagliari
Round 3: Sun 18/09/11
Atalanta vs Palermo
Bologna vs Lecce
Cagliari vs Novara
Catania vs Cesena
Internazionale vs Roma
Lazio vs Genoa
Napoli vs Milan
Parma vs Chievo
Siena vs Juventus
Udinese vs Fiorentina
Round 4: Wed 21/09/11
Cesena vs Lazio
Chievo vs Napoli
Fiorentina vs Parma
Genoa vs Catania
Juventus vs Bologna
Lecce vs Atalanta
Milan vs Udinese
Novara vs Internazionale
Palermo vs Cagliari
Roma vs Siena
Round 5: Sun 25/09/11
Atalanta vs Novara
Bologna vs Internazionale
Cagliari vs Udinese
Catania vs Juventus
Chievo vs Genoa
Lazio vs Palermo
Milan vs Cesena
Napoli vs Fiorentina
Parma vs Roma
Siena vs Lecce
Round 6: Sun 02/10/11
Cesena vs Chievo
Fiorentina vs Lazio
Internazionale vs Napoli
Juventus vs Milan
Lecce vs Cagliari
Novara vs Catania
Palermo vs Siena
Parma vs Genoa
Roma vs Atalanta
Udinese vs Bologna
Round 7: Sun 16/10/11
Atlanta vs Udinese
Cagliari vs Siena
Catania vs Internazionale
Cesena vs Fiorentina
Chievo vs Juventus
Genoa vs Lecce
Lazio vs Roma
Milan vs Palermo
Napoli vs Parma
Novara vs Bologna
Round 8: Sun 23/10/11
Bologna vs Lazio
Cagliari vs Napoli
Fiorentina vs Catania
Internazionale vs Chievo
Juventus vs Genoa
Lecce vs Milan
Parma vs Atalanta
Roma vs Palermo
Siena vs Cesena
Udinese vs Novara
Round 9: Wed 26/10/11
Atalanta vs Internazionale
Cesena vs Cagliari
Chievo vs Bologna
Genoa vs Roma
Juventus vs Fiorentina
Lazio vs Catania
Milan vs Parma
Napoli vs Udinese
Novara vs Siena
Palermo vs Lecce
Round 10: Sun 30/10/11
Bologna vs Atalanta
Cagliari vs Lazio
Catania vs Napoli
Fiorentina vs Genoa
Internazionale vs Juventus
Lecce vs Novara
Parma vs Cesena
Roma vs Milan
Siena vs Chievo
Udinese vs Palermo
Round 11: Sun 06/11/11
Atalanta vs Cagliari
Cesena vs Lecce
Chievo vs Fiorentina
Genoa vs Internazionale
Lazio vs Parma
Milan vs Catania
Napoli vs Juventus
Novara vs Roma
Palermo vs Bologna
Udinese vs Siena
Round 12: Sun 20/11/11
Bologna vs Cesena
Catania vs Chievo
Fiorentina vs Milan
Genoa vs Novara
Internazionale vs Cagliari
Juventus vs Palermo
Napoli vs Lazio
Parma vs Udinese
Roma vs Lecce
Siena vs Atalanta
Round 13: Sun 27/11/11
Atalanta vs Napoli
Cagliari vs Bologna
Cesena vs Genoa
Lazio vs Juventus
Lecce vs Catania
Milan vs Chievo
Novara vs Parma
Palermo vs Fiorentina
Siena vs Internazionale
Udinese vs Roma
Round 14: Sun 04/12/11
Bologna vs Siena
Catania vs Cagliari
Chievo vs Atalanta
Fiorentina vs Roma
Genoa vs Milan
Internazionale vs Udinese
Juventus vs Cesena
Lazio vs Novara
Napoli vs Lecce
Parma vs Palermo
Round 15: Sun 11/12/11
Atalanta vs Catania
Bologna vs Milan
Cagliari vs Parma
Internazionale vs Fiorentina
Lecce vs Lazio
Novara vs Napoli
Palermo vs Cesena
Roma vs Juventus
Siena vs Genoa
Udinese vs Chievo
Round 16: Sun 18/12/11
Catania vs Palermo
Cesena vs Internazionale
Chievo vs Cagliari
Fiorentina vs Atalanta
Genoa vs Bologna
Juventus vs Novara
Lazio vs Udinese
Milan vs Siena
Napoli vs Roma
Parma vs Lecce
Round 17: Sun 08/01/12
Atalanta vs Milan
Bologna vs Catania
Cagliari vs Genoa
Internazionale vs Parma
Lecce vs Juventus
Novara vs Fiorentina
Palermo vs Napoli
Roma vs Chievo
Siena vs Lazio
Udinese vs Cesena
Round 18: Sun 15/01/12
Catania vs Roma
Cesena vs Novara
Chievo vs Palermo
Fiorentina vs Lecce
Genoa vs Udinese
Juventus vs Cagliari
Lazio vs Atalanta
Milan vs Internazionale
Napoli vs Bologna
Parma vs Siena
Round 19: Sun 22/01/12
Atalanta vs Juventus
Bologna vs Parma
Cagliari vs Fiorentina
Internazionale vs Lazio
Lecce vs Chievo
Novara vs Milan
Palermo vs Genoa
Roma vs Cesena
Siena vs Napoli
Udinese vs Catania
Round 20: Sun 29/01/12
Cesena vs Atalanta
Roma vs Bologna
Milan vs Cagliari
Lecce vs Internazionale
Chievo vs Lazio
Genoa vs Napoli
Palermo vs Novara
Catania vs Parma
Fiorentina vs Siena
Juventus vs Udinese
Round 21 Wed 01/02/12
Siena vs Catania
Napoli vs Cesena
Novara vs Chievo
Bologna vs Fiorentina
Atalanta vs Genoa
Parma vs Juventus
Udinese vs Lecce
Lazio vs Milan
Internazionale vs Palermo
Cagliari vs Roma
Round 22: Sun 05/02/12
Palermo vs Atalanta
Lecce vs Bologna
Novara vs Cagliari
Cesena vs Catania
Roma vs Internazionale
Genoa vs Lazio
Milan vs Napoli
Chievo vs Parma
Juventus vs Siena
Fiorentina vs Udinese
Round 23 Sun 12/02/12
Lazio vs Cesena
Napoli vs Chievo
Parma vs Fiorentina
Catania vs Genoa
Bologna vs Juventus
Atalanta vs Lecce
Udinese vs Milan
Internazionale vs Novara
Cagliari vs Palermo
Siena vs Roma
Round 24 Sun 19/02/12
Novara vs Atalanta
Internazionale vs Bologna
Udinese vs Cagliari
Juventus vs Catania
Genoa vs Chievo
Palermo vs Lazio
Cesena vs Milan
Fiorentina vs Napoli
Roma vs Parma
Lecce vs Siena
Round 25: Sun 26/02/12
Chievo vs Cesena
Lazio vs Fiorentina
Napoli vs Internazionale
Milan vs Juventus
Cagliari vs Lecce
Catania vs Novara
Siena vs Palermo
Genoa vs Parma
Atalanta vs Roma
Bologna vs Udinese
Round 26: Sun 04/03/12
Udinese vs Atalanta
Siena vs Cagliari
Internazionale vs Catania
Fiorentina vs Cesena
Juventus vs Chievo
Lecce vs Genoa
Roma vs Lazio
Palermo vs Milan
Parma vs Napoli
Bologna vs Novara
Round 27: Sun 11/03/12
Lazio vs Bologna
Napoli vs Cagliari
Catania vs Fiorentina
Chievo vs Internazionale
Genoa vs Juventus
Milan vs Lecce
Atalanta vs Parma
Palermo vs Roma
Cesena vs Siena
Novara vs Udinese
Round 28: Sun 18/03/12
Internazionale vs Atalanta
Cagliari vs Cesena
Bologna vs Chievo
Roma vs Genoa
Fiorentina vs Juventus
Catania vs Lazio
Parma vs Milan
Udinese vs Napoli
Siena vs Novara
Lecce vs Palermo
Round 29: Sun 25/03/12
Atalanta vs Bologna
Lazio vs Cagliari
Napoli vs Catania
Genoa vs Fiorentina
Juventus vs Internazionale
Novara vs Lecce
Cesena vs Parma
Milan vs Roma
Chievo vs Siena
Palermo vs Udinese
Round 30: Sun 01/04/12
Cagliari vs Atalanta
Lecce vs Cesena
Fiorentina vs Chievo
Internazionale vs Genoa
Parma vs Lazio
Catania vs Milan
Juventus vs Napoli
Roma vs Novara
Bologna vs Palermo
Siena vs Udinese
Round 31: Sat 07/04/12
Cesena vs Bologna
Chievo vs Catania
Milan vs Fiorentina
Novara vs Genoa
Cagliari vs Internazionale
Palermo vs Juventus
Lazio vs Napoli
Udinese vs Parma
Lecce vs Roma
Atalanta vs Siena
Round 32: Wed 11/04/12
Napoli vs Atalanta
Bologna vs Cagliari
Genoa vs Cesena
Juventus vs Lazio
Catania vs Lecce
Chievo vs Milan
Parma vs Novara
Fiorentina vs Palermo
Internazionale vs Siena
Roma vs Udinese
Round 33: Sun 15/04/12
Siena vs Bologna
Cagliari vs Catania
Atalanta vs Chievo
Roma vs Fiorentina
Milan vs Genoa
Udinese vs Internazionale
Cesena vs Juventus
Novara vs Lazio
Lecce vs Napoli
Palermo vs Parma
Round 34: Sun 22/04/12
Catania vs Atalanta
Milan vs Bologna
Parma vs Cagliari
Fiorentina vs Internazionale
Lazio vs Lecce
Napoli vs Novara
Cesena vs Palermo
Juventus vs Roma
Genoa vs Siena
Chievo vs Udinese
Round 35: Sun 29/04/12
Palermo vs Catania
Internazionale vs Cesena
Cagliari vs Chievo
Atalanta vs Fiorentina
Bologna vs Genoa
Novara vs Juventus
Udinese vs Lazio
Siena vs Milan
Roma vs Napoli
Lecce vs Parma
Round 36: Wed 02/05/12
Milan vs Atalanta
Catania vs Bologna
Genoa vs Cagliari
Parma vs Internazionale
Juventus vs Lecce
Fiorentina vs Novara
Napoli vs Palermo
Chievo vs Roma
Lazio vs Siena
Cesena vs Udinese
Round 37: Sun 06/05/12
Roma vs Catania
Novara vs Cesena
Palermo vs Chievo
Lecce vs Fiorentina
Udinese vs Genoa
Cagliari vs Juventus
Atalanta vs Lazio
Internazionale vs Milan
Bologna vs Napoli
Siena vs Parma
Round 38: Sun 13/05/12
Juventus vs Atalanta
Parma vs Bologna
Fiorentina vs Cagliari
Lazio vs Internazionale
Chievo vs Lecce
Milan vs Novara
Genoa vs Palermo
Cesena vs Roma
Napoli vs Siena
Catania vs Udinese


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