Sunday, 21 August 2011

1 Referee try to prove importance of video replay in soccer game as he linked the hand to wrong player

Referee proved to the world that video replay for soccer could be a vital addition in decison making. Bursaspor's player Teteh Bangura used his hand to trick the referee and Anderlecht defender. Referee only had one opportunity to see this act, he connected the hand to the wrong defender instead of Bursaspor striker leading to penalty given to Bursaspor.

Teteh Bangura used his hand to pass the ball over Anderlecht defender but referee confuse hands and gave penalty to Bursaspor
In this situation video replay, has been discussed in and could have helped. He didn't even take time to consult his assistant. May be wearing long sleeve jersey would have help the referee to distinguish which player handed the ball, but from the picture above it is clear who handed the ball.


Anonymous,  23/8/11 13:14  

That was a create one, I wonder whz he could not see who handed the ball. It was better to give a defender a benefit of the doubt rather than offering a weird penalty.

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