Wednesday, 15 June 2011

1 Man utd and other clubs England premier league football records

Manchester United wrapped up their 19th premiership league title 103 years later since winning their first EPL title in 1907/1908 season. The successes come after they won 12 league titles while Liverpool stayed at 18 titles since they won their last EPL title in 1990. The red devils also are leading club in EPL runner-up, 14 times, followed by Liverpool finishing second in 12 seasons. Only four clubs; Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Huddersfield have won the league title in three consecutive years, but Manchester United have done that twice. Manchester United squad
Other Manchester United records
Manchester United have also equaled 18 homes wins, a record previous held by Chelsea after winning 18 out of 19 homes games in 2005-06. The red devils are also leading away goal scorers in one league season with 47 goals in 2001-02 and they have conceded fewest goals 4 in home ground in 1994-95. Chelsea are currently holding a four seasons clean sheet record followed by Manchester United and Arsenal but Chelsea record is also a consecutive run of clean sheet in four season which was interrupted in the fourth season.


Anonymous,  16/7/11 12:59  

I wonder what happened to Liverpool. United will be targeting 20th league title.

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